> I just got back from a Mathworks matlab/simulink symposium in LA this
> week.  (Thank you John, Alex, and Trisha for all your efforts!  And I
> have to thank Mathworks who went all out to help us get John's 747 sim
> down to the show and make it a success.)

And don't forget those great lunches and the afternoon snacks!!!

> Mathworks has customers (plural) :-) requesting a direct interface to
> FlightGear which is why they implimented an interface in the latest
> release of their aero blockset (available yesterday) and invited me and
> John Wojnaroski to come be a part of their show.  John brought his 747
> sim along and it was (predictably) :-) one of the bigger hits there.
> This is probably 2nd or 3rd hand, but I hear that the unofficial ratio
> of FlightGear interface requests to X-Plane interface requests is about
> 5-1 which is why mathworks built the FlightGear interface first.  That's
> music to my ears. :-)

Just got the USB driver(s) for the 747 sim coded and running this morning.
After we get all the network interfaces reworked to provide generalized
support to Simulink it will be real close to a plug-and-play system.

John W.

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