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"Curtis L. Olson" wrote:

> I just got back from a Mathworks matlab/simulink symposium in LA this 
> week.  (Thank you John, Alex, and Trisha for all your efforts!  And I 
> have to thank Mathworks who went all out to help us get John's 747 sim 
> down to the show and make it a success.)  Mathworks has a neat tool 
> (simulink + aero blockset) where you can assemble a flight dynamics 
> model and all the real time flight controls (i.e. fly by wire stuff) in 
> a graphical format.  They have created a direct interface to FlightGear 
> so the modeler can click a button, run the simulink simulation in "real 
> time" and see a "real time" visualization of their aircraft in 
> FlightGear with animated control surfaces and gauges if they want to set 
> that up in FG.

That sounds interesting, but it's not completely clear to me what they
acutally did to achieve this  ;-)
Did they create an interface within their own simulation that connects
to stock FlightGear, did they extend FlightGear with their specific
interface (source code available ?), did they modify the existing
FlightGear interface to match their needs ?

And a second question, please: Does their "Aerospace Blocks" have any
relation the "AeroSim Blockset" by U-Dynamics as presented on these


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