Oliver C. a écrit :

On Saturday 28 May 2005 00:18, AJ MacLeod (email lists) wrote:
If you'd read the README you'd have seen a note to that effect; apparently
3.2 and 3.4 are OK, but 3.3 produce this error.

No, I didn't read the README either, until after I'd found this out the
hard way!

Thank you for the info.

Now i hope, that someone else can create such a static binary FGSD release,
because I won't update my gcc version soon, because this is a big task
and i do that only when i upgrade to the next version of my Linux distribution (in this case Slackware).

My Linux distribution ( Debian ) has packages for either gcc-3.2 and gcc-3.4 although the default compiler is gcc 3.3.
No need to go the hard way here.


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