Erik Hofman writes:
> bass pumped wrote:
> >>Well, I submitted it.  Alas, it didn't go well.  You can follow the
> >>flame war here:
> >>
> >>
> > 
> > I just read that...   that guy certainly has a problem!!!
> Tell me about it, I've worked with such an individual for more than five 
> years. If they don't think there's a problem then everybody else has.
> I can only say; don't use cygwin as long as this person is involved.

With due respect Cygwin is a *high* volume list with well documented 
protocols with prominent links on its home page  for submitting problems. 

FWIW I think these apply here

I suggest you see the follow ups to this
rather then continue an uniformed off list flame

Then again we can have another GlutFest or Or PlibBash
which is bound to be productive :-)


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