Erik Hofman wrote:
> Norman Vine wrote:
> > FWIW I think these apply here
> >
> >
> These two contradict (You can't offend them but they can offend you).
> It's a nice document on how to approach a three year old though.

It's actually a pretty good guide.  The problem is I don't know how I
could have followed it any better.  I mean, I *am* the hacker type ESR
is talking about.

The was, IMHO, a fantasy bug report:

+ A symptom so painfully obvious that no technical knowlege is
  required to see it (1.6 seconds vs. 26 seconds run time)
+ Simple example code
+ Easily reproduced within a few commands
+ Requires no external dependencies (just gcc and the mingw libraries)
+ And a real world use case (us!) for why it's important that it be

To turn it around: could you imaging me responding to this bug report:

  "Here's a simple Nasal script that reduces my FPS to 2-3."


  "If it is really important to you, you should try to fix it rather
   than posting here and trying to get lucky." (pretty much exactly
   Chris's words).

I mean, sometimes I'm lazy or forget stuff, but I'm generally pretty
good about admitting when a bug is a bug.  That's my *job* as a
developer.  Who does that job for cygwin?


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