Lee Elliott wrote:

On Monday 30 May 2005 01:02, Sam Heyman wrote:
I have finished implementing an RC UAV (2.2m span) and am now
trying to create a new view, that corresponds to the guy
standing next to the runway, near the plane.
Is there an existing view I can use and edit, or do I have to
start from scratch? I have read through quite a lot of the
past threads and didn't get much information.

Thanks for your help,

Curious - I replied to this on the FDM list - just checked the msg in my 'Sent' box but it's not come back to me yet. Oh well, computers eh?


The A-10s have what I've called a 'Drop' view. It's an additional lookat view where the view location can be 'dropped' behind the aircraft. Look in the A-10cl-set.xml or A-10fl-set.xml files for the setup.

I also played with a similar Ground Observer view by using the altitude and altitude-agl values in the property tree, together with some basic Nasal, to position the view position 2m above the ground immediately below the aircraft. However, I had some problems with the near-plane clipping and didn't progress with it.

Hi Lee,
Yes I remember, you aswered my question on the FDM list.
I was told however that the FDM list was not the right list for this question and so I asked it again on the devel list.

I am in the middle of exams just now so I am not working on the simulator much....
Just one question though, what is Nasal?

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