Giles Robertson wrote:

I've tried compiling fgfs from cvs on mingw again. There are various little 
changes which I'll roll up at some point (as in, when it's working ;).

However, there's an odd problem I'm getting at final link:

g++ -DPKGLIBDIR=\"/point/share/FlightGear\" -g -O2 -D_REENTRANT  -L/point/lib 
-o C:/msys/1.0/point/include/simgear/threads/SGThread.hxx:232: undefined reference to 
 undefined reference to `_imp__pthread_mutex_unlock'

This continues for many screens (and for many other calls - it's not just mutex 

The error is the same whether or not I add -lpthread to the command.

Investigating the pthread library, all the calls are present in the form 
_pthread (_pthread_mutex_lock, _pthread_mutex_unlock, _pthread_cond_destroy 
etc), but none with the _imp_ prefix.

gcc 3.4.2 (mingw-special) with win32 thread model.

Does anybody have any ideas about what is going wrong?

Giles Robertson

PS: Apologies for the html email.

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I know nothing about mingw but perhaps you are using the wrong pthread.lib(.a) The msvc pthreadVC2.lib that I use have symbols begining with _imp, perhaps you should pick this one.


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