On Montag 30 Mai 2005 08:50, Melchior FRANZ wrote:
> The FDMs are currently the only users of the groundcache, and yes, they
> benefit from it. A lot. Per-wheel/contact-point ground awareness hadn't
> been done before Mathias implemented the ground cache. And probably it
> would have been a big performance problem to constantly do intersection
> test with the whole tile. Still, I didn't mean to blame the problems on the
> FDMs. I just called it "FDM stuttering" because this is what the user sees
> (and because the ground-cache code is in the FDM/ directory :-) But the FDM
> only stuttered, because it wasn't called in time, because of unfortunate
> groundcache/beacon interaction. And that wasn't really a bug, either. 
> Neither in the beacon, nor in the ground cache. Just a detail that had to
> be tuned for better performance.   :-)

That approach to have croase objects for intersection tests and detaild ones 
for views is really a ood one. May be one can have models for a very low 
level of detail for that case.

Anyway, I am thinking and started playing with that ground cache being 
structured in an octree. That will make the lookup time about log(n) instead 
of n if n is the number of triangles in the cache.



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