* Melchior FRANZ -- Sunday 29 May 2005 21:23:
> * Jon Stockill -- Sunday 29 May 2005 21:02:
> > Melchior FRANZ wrote:
> > > With these changes most of the 950 faces are invisible to the ground 
> > > cache.
> > > There's only a simple invisible pyramid instead for intersection tests.
> > Is this something that people should consider for any high poly 
> > structures then?
> For similar objects, yes. But you won't easily find something similar. 

Bah. Now that Mathias considers it a good idea ... I've loaded a few objects
from $FG_ROOT/Models/Airport/ into Blender and, yes, some of them could use
that method, too:  tacan.ac, tower.ac, radar.ac  do also have detailed pylons
that could be made hot transparent, and replaced by a simpler structure for
intersection tests. There may be some more in the object db, but most objects
in CVS are already quite simple, so there wouldn't be much performance gain
to expect. (cow.ac ? :-)


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