>         After a quick testing, (shorter than the compilation time)
>         my JSBSim aircraft prototypes  are running, flying again.
>         Mathias has found the cause.
>       Which is  not  JSBSim itself.
>         BUT, Why that "Freezing" version was working for  Yasim
> aircrafts ?

The "no terrain below the aircraft" message comes from JSBSim.cxx, which is 
the interface between FlightGear and JSBSim.  It contains a code block which 
checks for a valid ground cache solution, and prints the above message when 
an error is found.  Yasim doesn't have this code block.

Just submitted to JSBSim CVS is an updated JSBSim.cxx which should help 
collect some data on the freezing issue, and also avoid freezing.


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