Danie Heath wrote:

> I get a segmentation fault when trying to run flightgear. It occurs
> while the splash screen is displayed.  I am using :
> ./fgfs --fg-root=pathtoflightgear
> I have synched with CVS to get the latest source.  I am running on a
> Packard Bell B3410 laptop with Fedora Core 3.  Is there a command line
> parameter that I can use to get more information on this error for you
> guys ?

Lots of. First try:

  # ~> fgfs --help --verbose

.... to get an impression of what's available. Afterwards try:

  # ~> fgfs --log-level={bulk,debug}

(choose one of these two options). But maybe you're just pointing at
the wrong directory. Ok, you probably already know FG quite well, but
it still might be a mistake:
"--fg-root=pathtoflightgear" has to point to the root of the base
package. Pointing to the wrong directory or a directory that contains a
base package that is not in sync with the sources where the binary was
built from might lead to obscure error messages or even segfaults.

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