Gerard ROBIN wrote:
> Le vendredi 03 juin 2005 à 19:42 -0400, Josh Babcock a écrit :
>>Josh Babcock wrote:
>>OK, model's done, same address. Now I'm going to do the animation XML.
>>If I'm really cool I'll be able to make the wind ribbon look good.
>>Otherwise, just controls and control surfaces.
>>Also, I didn't know what the rudder pedals looked like, so I left them
>>out. I would assume that it's just a stick on a pivot which would be
>>super easy to add. I'm not sure about historical accuracy though. Of
>>course, the entire inside of the cockpit is a WAG anyway. Thoughts?
> Oh, it is better and better,
> Only a little PB with "texture wood-dark"  which crashed my fgfs, solved
> by a read write of that texture in Gimp.
> AND may be Colditz need to be scaled, it seems very tall.

I'll take a look at the textures. Yes, it needs to be scaled. I forgot I
modeled it in feet, it needs to be put into meters.


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