Sergio wrote:

> Ok : i finally found "kdmconfig", what provides :
> - either to generate a proper xorg.conf (with any accel-options) ;
> - or simply to switch to Xsun, what i will now experiment with FlightGear..

I still wonder why you insist on cluttering your OS with stuff that
doesn't belong there. If you want to make Solaris to be a lookalike of
your favourite Linux distribution, why then don't you stick to Linux ?
If you want the robustness of Solaris, so why do aim at replacing
significant subsystems that _do_ implement this robustness ?

This resembles of buying a Mercedes and replacing the interior with
that of a [insert the name of a common low-cost car manufacturer],

P.S.: Yes, I know, Mercedes doesn't meet the expected quality standards
      for several years now ....
 Unix _IS_ user friendly - it's just selective about who its friends are !

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