> From: "Curtis L. Olson"
> Jim Wilson wrote:
> >>From: Josh Babcock
> >>
> >>Did someone change the property browser so you can't watch the values
> >>change in real time? How do I get this back?
> >>
> >>Josh
> >>    
> >>
> > 
> >Which property are you looking at?  It has been a very long time, so I might 
> >be a little off here.  IIRC the a property node
> is only updated if the responsible subsystem (e.g. the FDM interface) writes 
> to it.  If that subsystem does not write to the
> property then the property only gets updated when the property picker does a 
> read which is bound to a getter in the responsible
> subsystem.
> >
> >My guess is something changed in the subsystem you want data from,  probably 
> >by someone trying to save cpu cycles.
> >
> >BTW, if this is what has happened, developers should note that the 
> >flightgear will in many cases (probably most cases) run
> FASTER if the subsystem that owns a property updates it once every frame.
> >
> >Of course there might be a bug in the latest property system work...but the 
> >code I have, which is fairly recent, still shows
> some real time updates in the property picker.
> >  
> >
> As I understand it, here is how things have always worked.  Properties 
> that are "tied" to C++ variables don't update automatically.  You can 
> click on the "." at the top to "refresh" the values.  Properties that 
> exist soley within the property system will update "live" in the 
> property browser.

Hmmm...so why would that make a difference on the pui end?  It makes more sense 
that the requirement of an active read (that is bound to a subsystem owned 
getter) would be the cause of no on screen update.  I don't think the pui would 
care who owns the value, does it?  Sorry I haven't looked at the code and don't 
have time to now.

Actually I'm now wondering why we don't just do a once per frame refresh of the 
browser so that the display always updates per frame (only while that dialog is 
displayed).  It wouldn't cost all that much and would certainly increase the 
utility of the browser.



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