>* Melchior FRANZ -- Monday 06 June 2005 09:16:
>>I *HATE* competition! Please, make it go away! ... Fortunately, one
>>could almost say that I have a *tiny* head start. So, don't panic
>>... panic? Whaahh ...
>Okay, crunchy! After consulting my therapist, I can only say: See you
>at Saturday, high noon in LOXL!  http://members.aon.at/mfranz/duel.jpg
> [55 kB]
>Unless you pay me *one* *billion* *dollars*!
>Ha ha ha ha ... HA HA HA ...

If you really want to take me on I can have my UH-1D Bushranger, or my AH-1G
Cobra, or my Eurocopter Tigre converted within a fortnight.  Or I could just
push your tiny toy helicopter into my Mi-26 Halo and fly off with it.  I
could even convert my Chinook or Skycrane and sling you off with that.  At
least when people get injured my H-13 will be able to fly in and evacuate
the casualties to the nearest M*A*S*H unit. :)


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