Andy Ross wrote:
> Josh Babcock wrote:
>>Is there a way to tell YASim to add or subtract some drag? I
>>want to add some drag to the superfort when the bomb doors
>>open. They were supposed to really wreck the airflow, though
>>not as bad as the lg which doubled the drag!
> Well, right now you could model them as landing gear, which act
> like flat plate drag objects with the size of their length (just
> put the gear contact points somewhere where they can't actually
> touch the ground).
> Having a "speedbrake" subobject was something that was really
> supposed to have been in the code from the beginning.  It's
> really easy, but I just never got around to it.  Give me a bit
> to, er, remember how the code works and maybe I can get it added.
> Other aircraft could use it too.
> Andy
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I don't think the LG thing will work, they have to be extended
independently of the LG. In fact, if you're moving and have both gear
down and doors open, your plane's broke or you screwed up. (at some
point I will put in an emergency door release and bomb release, but
that's fluff for way down the road). Speedbrakes would be great, though
I would request that there be capacity for multiple independent ones,
just on the general principal of flexibility.


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