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I also have an nvidia card, though an older one, and when I go from Enhanced Runway Lights (as low as 3 fps) to no Enhanced Runway Lights, it jumps to 40 fps. Any connection?

As far as i understand the preference.xml content,
We do have that property

<enhanced-lighting type="bool">false</enhanced-lighting>


In the fg menu i did not indicate Enhanced Runway Lighting.

To conclude about that problem, and before i come back to my old NVIDIA 5200

Does anybody can tell me, how may i deactivate the runway landing
lights ?


IT IS  UNUSUAL that i give the question and later on the answer :-)

I have solved it with a patch in renderer.cxx (hope temporary)

// draw runway lighting
     if ( draw_otw ) {
//    ssgCullAndDraw( globals->get_scenery()->get_vasi_lights_root() );
      ssgCullAndDraw( globals->get_scenery()->get_rwy_lights_root() );

added comment on line 638
ssgCullAndDraw( globals->get_scenery()->get_vasi_lights_root() );

about, fps: the result is ok  (70 fps)
about, Runway landing light it is deleted
about, Runway light still present not deleted.

May be an other Question:
Is it, a PLIB bug, a NVIDIA bug, a FG bug ???
about NVIDIA 6600 it is now able to process GL 2.0 so !!

So you have 'Enhanced Runway Lighting' even when its disabled in the rendering dialog ?

The slowness is not rellay a bug, it just says that the card can't render that in hardware.
Perhaps someone will find another way to draw those light...


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