On Wednesday 08 June 2005 10:36 pm, Ampere K. Hardraade wrote:
> Perhaps seperating land and water would be the next thing on the agenda?

If this is in regard to the AI ships driving onto land, the AI ships and AI 
carrier can accept a flight plan, but the ability to follow the flight plan 
has not yet been implemented.  I won't be hard to do.  Once that is done, the 
carrier will follow a pre-defined path, and stay off of land.  There are then 
two options:

1)  make a race-track pattern

2)  go straight to the flightplan end, then vanish and reappear at the start 
(like in the movie :)

Of course option 1 is more realistic, but the ship will be going in the wrong 
direction over half the time.  Option two would give you more fun with your 
entertainment dollar/euro, but you don't want to be on the ship when it 
teleports to the start again.


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