Le jeudi 09 juin 2005 à 20:52 -0500, Dave Culp a écrit :

> As for the "/fdm/jsbsim" property cloning problem, this has been around for 
> some time now.  Any reset of FlightGear while using a JSBSim aircraft will 
> cause another "/fdm/jsbsim" node to be created.  I've tried stopping that but 
> have had no luck.  There are several people using properties from 
> "/fdm/jsbsim" to drive instruments and they are possibly used in some nasal 
> scripts, so this problem breaks some of their panels, and maybe more things.  
That is not new it is exactly the same error in fgfs-9.8.
An other exemple of consequence:
we cannot start a turbine Engine (737 aircraft).
we can do it the first time after loading==>  ignition+n2+starter

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