Le vendredi 10 juin 2005 à 13:21 -0500, Dave Culp a écrit :
> > >   //FDMctr++;
> >
> > Tested with my own  "carrier landing patched" release   :
> > IT IS OK ==> no clone now, JSB specific Functions working after reset.
> Thanks Gerard,
> I've commited the fix to the JSBSim CVS branches.  Note that this will not 
> allow multiple instances of JSBSim, which nobody is using right now (I don't 
> think?).  In the future we'll fix it so that the "user" instance of JSBSim is 
> always the zeroeth instance, and other instances will start at instance 
> number one.
> Dave

As far as i try to understand, i don't find any specific needs which can
ask for multiple instances of JSBSim....may be several  aircrafts in the
same FG  (a waco glider towed by a -C47  ???)

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