theoreticle wrote:
> Let's say someone comes up with a model for the old Pan Am Clipper,
> that wants to land fully loaded with passengers and half loaded with
> fuel.  The actual aircraft will sink it's fuselage as far as 5 feet
> into the water, perhaps more if landing in 'seas'.  There absolutely
> must be some code to support sea planes landing in the water.

The water interaction really isn't so difficult (it's just like
landing gear compression, but with an extra term for drag due to water

The harder part is hacking the scenery subsystem to understand which
polygons are "water" and propagate this information out through the
groundcache to the FDMs.  That will likely require touching a ton of
code all over the simulator; it's always the data modelling issues
that cause the problems.  Algorithms are easy.


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