>I don't think any other FDM allows flight

Well most of them fly through buildings, but that's a different issue.  ;)

As far as models go, ground interactions should be aircraft specific,
IMHO, and each aircraft model should create its own instance of
landing gear models and collision points (wing tips, fuselage belly,
tail booms...etc.).  If these are absent, then the aircraft will fly
through the ground.  I see no reason to eliminate the possibility of
sub-terranian exploration.  Just make no gaurantee about what things
should look like.

>Is there any close analogue to cavitation with propellers?

Not really.  Air is compressible, which means it will expand
proportionally with a decrease in pressure, rather than an abrupt
evaporation with low pressure like what happens with water.  Propeller
blades can stall, I suppose, but that would only happen with a
constant speed propeller at too high a blade pitch, which would
require a prop governor failure.


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