eagle monart wrote:
> i am totaly lost. i ve tried different declarations of delay
> functions but they starts infinite loops.  i tihnk nasal expalined
> only for xml usage but i didnt find a source to declare settimer()
> in a source code . I need a reference...

The documentation for the function is at
http://plausible.org/nasal/flightgear.html (at the bottom of the
file).  It explains how to write Nasal in XML files as well as how to
write stand-alone files.

The settimer() function is a C++ extension function, it is defined in
src/Scripting/NasalSys.cxx in the source code.

And of course you can look at the existing Nasal code, all of which
uses settimer() extensively.  You can grep through all the existing
nasal files with something like:

  cd $FG_ROOT
  find . -name '*.nas' | xargs fgrep settimer

And, as always, posting the code you are having trouble with is much
more useful than simply announcing that different versions start
infinite loops. :)


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