Gerard Robin wrote:
> with Yasim we must find a medium way to get the same effect.  About
> retractable gears no problems, about contact points on the fuse big
> problems .....

I'm not understanding this at all; JSBSim and YASim have all but
identical* gear systems. Can you please post the YASim configuration
you are having trouble with?  I suspect you are just misunderstanding

Are you trying to make the aircraft sit on the automatic contact
points?  That won't work, they have very high spring constants and are
designed to detect crashes.  You need to define gear objects with
non-tiny compression distances.

I think the confusion here might be the assumption that you can only
have one set of "gear" and that they must all retract when
/controls/gear-down is set to false.  That has never been true with


* Differences of which I am aware: JSBSim uses manual contact points,
  whereas YASim generates them automatically.  JSBSim uses a single
  set of retractable gear, whereas YASim allows different gear object
  to retract independently.

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