On June 11, 2005 06:07 pm, Oliver C. wrote:
> I agree with the terrain.
> But i think that airplanes need to be able to sink after they crash. :)
> So the best way would be to make the terrain and watersurfaces independent
> from each other.
> This would also have some positive side effects because it would allow us
> to animate waves of the sea and make the sea transparent, especially at the
> coastlines.
> For this, it would also be a good idea to display the ground under the sea
> and merge the terrain with the ground under the sea instead of with the sea
> level.
> This would also allows us to include submarines, like someone above in this
> thread said.
> Best Regards,
>  Oliver C.
I like that idea.  It would be nice to fly along the coast of a tropical 
island, look down and be able to see the white sand under the water... or 
flying above a coral reef and see the corals on the sea floor. =)

Seperating land and water will also allow tidal effects to be modelled.  As 
for underwater exploration, I for one wouldn't mind taking the UFO down and 
see some underwater landmarks such as the Titanic.  hehe.


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