Le samedi 11 juin 2005 à 09:24 -0700, Andy Ross a écrit :
> Gerard Robin wrote:
> > with Yasim we must find a medium way to get the same effect.  About
> > retractable gears no problems, about contact points on the fuse big
> > problems .....
> I'm not understanding this at all; JSBSim and YASim have all but
> identical* gear systems. Can you please post the YASim configuration
> you are having trouble with?  I suspect you are just misunderstanding
> something.
> Are you trying to make the aircraft sit on the automatic contact
> points?  That won't work, they have very high spring constants and are
> designed to detect crashes.  You need to define gear objects with
> non-tiny compression distances.
> I think the confusion here might be the assumption that you can only
> have one set of "gear" and that they must all retract when
> /controls/gear-down is set to false.  That has never been true with
> YASim.
> Andy
> * Differences of which I am aware: JSBSim uses manual contact points,
>   whereas YASim generates them automatically.  JSBSim uses a single
>   set of retractable gear, whereas YASim allows different gear object
>   to retract independently.
 Since our last talking, i have tried to rebuild  from 'souvenirs'
the FDM YaSim model which was  for me a _big problem_ the result with the 
CVS release is good. Better than before with an older fgfs release (9.4 ??)
 So now, in addition to the usual retractable gears,
 with _gear_ which define several contact points, i get a good position of 
the aircraft  (mains gear-up).

Thanks and Sorry for my _certitude_; i was not up to date.


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