> From: Jim Wilson
> Hi Melchior,
> There was one thing I forgot to mention.  In that animation.diff patch file 
> you also have an unrelated change that does some
> clamping in the material animation.   I understand the logic behind this,  
> but the typical behavior (the way the translationn
> values are handled further down the line) is the texture wraps at > 1.0 and < 
> 0.0.  IIRC, this behavior is essential in some
> of the 747 panel stuff.
> I haven't tested this myself,  but thought I'd give you a heads up in case 
> there's a problem lurking in that particular change.

Err umm...looks like I got the wrong idea with "trans.min"/"trans.max"...mixed 
up "transparency" and "translation".  Throw in "transformations" and I'm really 
confused!  Sorry about that. :-)



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