Jon Berndt

> > Hmmm ... we had to fiddle with it to make it work some months ago ... I
> > forget exactly what we did
> This seems really unfortunate for FlightGear - that we have to rely on
> another package
> where some of us have to "fix" the code to work for CygWin users. Is this
> even documented
> anywhere?
In the developers' list archives is the best we have. Cygwin wouldn't work
at all if it were not for the excellent work by Norman Vine. There's no sign
of OpenAL being ported to Cygwin at the moment, so this is the best we have.
We are in constant danger of being left behind.

Have you got it to work yet??? I guess I could tarball up my version here
for you, when I have a bit more time.


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