> In the developers' list archives is the best we have. Cygwin wouldn't work
> at all if it were not for the excellent work by Norman Vine. There's no sign
> of OpenAL being ported to Cygwin at the moment, so this is the best we have.
> We are in constant danger of being left behind.
> Have you got it to work yet??? I guess I could tarball up my version here
> for you, when I have a bit more time.

Yes. I now have a FlightGear executable - though I won't have time to try it 
until this
evening at the earliest.

I'd like to submit the text below to a FAQ or wherever it should be on the
FlightGear/SimGear site:

--- start ---

For Cygwin users, OpenAL needs to be retrieved from this site:


I placed this file in the /usr directory and untar'ed it, though some place it 
in the
/usr/local/ directory tree - which might be more appropriate. Some library and 
dll files
are untar'ed into your bin/ and lib/ subdirectories.

Once the files are untar'ed, you must cd to the include/AL/ subdirectory and 
modify all
the files where "_WIN32" is present (use grep) and change it to simply "WIN32" 
(that is,
remove the underscore). Also, in alc.h you must change the code at top to look 
like this:

#ifdef WIN32  <<<<<<<<----------- CHANGE TO THIS
 #ifdef _OPENAL32LIB
  #define ALCAPI __declspec(dllexport)
  #define ALCAPI __declspec(dllimport)

#ifdef WIN32 <<<<<<<<----------- CHANGE TO THIS
 typedef struct ALCdevice_struct ALCdevice;
 typedef struct ALCcontext_struct ALCcontext;

Once these changes are made, you should be able to compile simgear.

--- end ---


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