> For Cygwin users, OpenAL needs to be retrieved from this site:
> ftp://ftp.ihg.uni-duisburg.de/FlightGear/Win32/openal_cyg.tgz
> I placed this file in the /usr directory and untar'ed it, though some
> place it in the
> /usr/local/ directory tree - which might be more appropriate. Some
> and dll files
> are untar'ed into your bin/ and lib/ subdirectories.
> Once the files are untar'ed, you must cd to the include/AL/
> and modify all
> the files where "_WIN32" is present (use grep) and change it to simply
> "WIN32" (that is,
> remove the underscore). Also, in alc.h you must change the code at top
> look like this:
> #ifdef WIN32  <<<<<<<<----------- CHANGE TO THIS
>  #ifdef _OPENAL32LIB
>   #define ALCAPI __declspec(dllexport)
>  #else
>   #define ALCAPI __declspec(dllimport)
>  #endif
> #ifdef WIN32 <<<<<<<<----------- CHANGE TO THIS
>  typedef struct ALCdevice_struct ALCdevice;
>  typedef struct ALCcontext_struct ALCcontext;
> #endif
> Once these changes are made, you should be able to compile simgear.

I'm just in the middle of finally pulling an faq update together
(various exams cropped up). I'll put this in.  Are there any other
issues people want to go in?

Giles Robertson

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