On June 13, 2005 02:40 pm, Innis Cunningham wrote:
> Hi Martin
>   Martin Spott writes
> >Hello, just an informal note ....
> >To my impression the A380 needs an offset vector for the FDM reference
> >point in order to make it rotate around its CG. Could the author
> >confirm ?
> This is correct I was going to move the whole 3D model in AC3D after
> everything
> was finished but that has not happened yet.If you want to provide offsets
> for it
> feel free
> >Cheers,
> >     Martin.
> Cheers
> Innis

If there is going to be changes to the A380-set.xml, please wait until Curt 
has uploaded my updates first, which should be anytime now...

On the subject of finishing the A380, is there any kind soul who wouldn't mind 
helping me to come up with a few Nasal scripts?


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