Yeah... Also, the thing is I'm planning to create sceneries and
models for Hong Kong, and possibly some Taiwan and Sydney. I found
multimap pretty useful. I suppose I work on them based on FG's official

    So, back to my original poblem, does anyone know what data is used
for the FG official sceneries?  And how? I would imagine there's some
sort of automated scripts or something?

    I ended writing one or two simple shell scripts to do all the
terragear stuff (tgvpf, fgfs-tools-server/client, the lot) too.


> Hehe, the source of coordinates for buildings is a different one. I'd
> suggest you to have a look here - if you didn't have already:
> If buildings sit in the sea with your scenery then I'd suggest your
> coastline is inaccurate - I expect the buildings to be located at
> their correct positions,

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