Melchior FRANZ wrote:
> * Gerard Robin -- Tuesday 14 June 2005 18:16:
>>>Gerard Robin wrote:
>>>>When the connection to Metar is unavailable (loop of requests on the
>>>>net), FG loads only after about 2 minutes.
>>i have tried directly the Metar command and i got immediately an answer
>>with the real Weather of the same airport)
> Both use the same code to fetch the data. But fgfs discards data sets that
> are older than /environment/params/metar-max-age-min (4 hours), and searches
> more recent data from farther away stations. If all are old (because the
> server is down and a proxy only spits out old data, or something), then you'll
> maybe get lots of requests one after the other. Next time, check the age
> of the weather data set that the "metar" program showed.
> m.
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That searching was the behavior I saw the other day. I can also add that
starting fg with an unconnected dialup and metar turned on results in a
ridiculously long timeout.


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