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..duh, you bought the Sullivan generator for $79!  ;o)

Yes, I'm hoping I can rig up an onboard power system based on the genesys. For what I'll be doing, batteries would work fine too, but I thought it would be an interesting avenue to explore.

..for downlink, a pc-card or usb wifi/802.11 radio with an
omnidirectional antenna in the airborne end, for the ground station, an
aimed satellite dish feeding a cantenna, will cover miles:

I was curious about the idea of removing the case from my Linksys WRT54G wireless router and powering that by battery. Supposedly it's running linux and is hackable, but I haven't played around with trying to hack into it yet. about AoA sensors for the flight computer?  This is the only thing
I see missing in an optics+gps based flight computer, a wee downwind
gust can both break and make a "slightly" downwind computer landing.

That might be important for some airplanes, but the Kadet I've chosen is basically impossible to stall at any speed. way is gut a pc mouse for the diode pairs, electronics and mouse
pin wheels, and ball case, cut the ball case in 2 to make 2 vane pin
bearing mounts, glue vanes onto each mouse roller pin, and stick both
vane assemblies outside the prop blast area, one for each wing.

That's an interesting idea. My next step is to get my flight computer up and running and once I do that and get some basic code in place, I can start experimenting with other things. An RPM sensor and a CHT/EGT would also be nice additions.

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