On Wednesday 15 Jun 2005 17:18, Josh Babcock wrote:
> I have found that 3-views are good for laying out the basic shapes, but
> to really get a model right you need lots of reference photos. The
> quality of these photos makes a big difference too. I would recommend
> starting the model, then once you know what parts are confusing go take
> your own photos. 

I'm beginning to find that you're right; to get the lightning wings looking 
even reasonable, I've been using a plethora of photos, mostly from 
airliners.net.  The 3-views are just completely muddled on an item like that.

It's quite addictive this 3d stuff... I've done simple modelling for CFD work 
in the past, but producing something you're actually interested in and can 
fly at the end of it (if one ever reaches that stage) is much more fun!


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