* Josh Babcock -- Wednesday 15 June 2005 21:50:
> It seems that the material animation nullifies the alpha channel of .rgb
> files mapped to the objects being animated.

No, it doesn't.

> The objects face and ball both have alpha channels which go away when this
> animation is commented back in.

The problem is, once again, lists of <object-name> that force the wrong
objects together. They end up in the same ssg branch then and the following
rotate animations work on all of them (which probably rotates the ball out
of view). I've never fully understood that, either, but generally separating
such animations into separate ones solves it. In your case you only need
to have, for example:



In the case of the "material" animation it's better, though, to assign the
same material to all concerned faces and then to only animate one representative
object with the <global> flag set. That's faster and avoids this kind of


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