Le jeudi 16 juin 2005 à 21:54 +0000, Martin Spott a écrit : 
> Gerard Robin wrote:
> > If you are fond of bicycling sport, you could see it on the TV, with Jan
> > Ullrich, Armonstrong, .......and others. They don't need FG to fly over
> > the mountain :-)
> My parents have a small residence south of Signal de Lure (at an
> elevation of approx. 520 m) and I've already seen many people riding up
> the hill by bike (1840 m) and getting back down by car. This is enough
> to realize that some people are _really_ crazy ....
> I really _like_ bicycling as a means to get from A to B or for a
> holiday tour, but I'll never ride up a hill without having the
> satisfaction of getting down the same way  ;-)
> Martin.
Probably beginning of next week, i will give  a release of the detailed
data from FRANCE SOUTH-EST. It works with the Signs programme from Melchior
You will be able to identify these villages in the field.
(and certainly those around Montagne de Lure), from the cockpit of your 
favorite aircraft.
Will be missing for that first release, the top of the main mountains 
(i need more GPS precisions) 

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