On Donnerstag 16 Juni 2005 20:13, Harald JOHNSEN wrote:
> On Harris pages there is two different things.
> One is about cloud rendering - physical aspect of scattering of light
> and technical implementation using dynamic billboards, etc.
> The other is about simulating the formation of clouds (and simulating
> fluids in general).
> The 'Skywork' code available on his site and integrated in FG only
> handle the rendering, the simulation of formation of clouds is usually
> non real time anyway. It could be done realltime of course, it all
> depends of the degree of realism one wants. Other papers show how to do
> that with non physical rules and still have nice results.
> See Dobashi and Nishita paper :
> http://nis-lab.is.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp/~nis/abs_sig.html#sig00
> About the current lighting of clouds : I admit that it is very
> simplistic but it has at least the advantage of being light
> for the cpu and the graphic card.
> Now it is possible to integrate the Harris lighting method with the
> existing code and have something perhaps not so far
> >from his rendering. This is easy to do, I could make a prototype (err
> when I have a free moment).
That would be great!!!



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