BONNEVILLE David wrote:

From the Quadro FX 3000 :
* 60 Hz refresh
* vertical synchro forced
* no AntiAlias
* no Anisotropic filtering
* 1280*1024
* 32 bpp
* visibility 50000 meters

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Date : ven 17 jun 2005 10:11:46 CEST

On June 17, 2005 03:17 am, BONNEVILLE David wrote:
Hi again people,

problem solved ! :D

I've just recompiled the latest cvs of plib, simgear and FlightGear,
on the threads flags, and now I have a FG running up to 60 fps (i have
forced the synchro with the vertical refresh).

Cuold somebody explain me the way to tune FG options to get the best perfo
? visibility, threads, dynamic terrain loading ...


Well, 30 fps isn't that bad in my opinion, considering I only have 15 fps if
I am lucky.

What other options did you use beside vertical synchronization?


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Your 60 Hz refresh seems too low, you should try 80-85, it will be more confortable for your eyes.
But now that your fps is maxed you want to know how to lower it ? ;)


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