Harald JOHNSEN wrote:
BONNEVILLE David wrote:

I forced 60 Hz because I will use a projection system ;)

Well for the moment, I don't think I need to lower my fps, but maybe, what would be nice is if I could force FG to run at a given fps which prevents me from
"little freezes"...  ;)

I see... There is something weird somewhere in the code, don't know if someone has allready investigated that or perhaps it is simply by design but those freeze are a real pain. The fps can drop by 50 or 90% for a few frames for no reason. Is it caused by the 360° scan done every 500 frames, or some side effect of the autogen or
perhaps some other piece of code (atc, ai, fdm, etc) ?

You can only effectively reduce them by using a dual processor system and with threads enabled. Reading the scenery from disk does take time, whether you like it or not.

Using SCSI (and disk striping) would help also.


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