I have started to add some volumetric shadows in Flightgear.
It uses the standard stencil method to count shadow volume (let me know if you want an implementation
without stencil, it can also be done with the alpha buffer).
A few days ago I thought that it would be overkill for the processor or the graphic card to add this effect, but with a few optimisations the impact on frame rate - while still noticeable - is acceptable. I can render the Concorde with a debug build so all is not lost if your computer is not 10 years old. Some screenshots here : http://sites.estvideo.net/tipunch/flightgear/lab/shadows.html
Let me know what you think of that.

nb: only the AC is casting shadows atm, I still need to verify how are handled other objects in the scene graph
(tile objects, AI objects, etc).


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