Harald JOHNSEN wrote:

> I can render the Concorde with a debug build so all is not lost if your 
> computer is not 10 years old.
> Some screenshots here : 
> http://sites.estvideo.net/tipunch/flightgear/lab/shadows.html
> Let me know what you think of that.

I don't even think of flying the Concorde even without any bells 'n
whistles ....

Do you need _any_ changes to the aircraft models (like Melchior did for
the BO-105) or does it just work right out of the box with the existing
models ?
Anyway, this looks really great and I think your effort is definitely
worth being added to FG, maybe switched off by default - for users like
me  :-)  with a property to toggle it on demand ....

 Unix _IS_ user friendly - it's just selective about who its friends are !

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