Le vendredi 17 juin 2005 à 22:37 +0100, Lee Elliott a écrit :
> I had to patch FG, because i need a hight speed graphic card,
> > I don't hope any come back from NVidia.
> > The graphics card suplyer, don't take care with the old
> > releases, they answer to the instant mass request.
> > With FG Beware OpenGL 2.0.
> There is/was definite problem with the 7xxx nVidia drivers & FG.  
> Reverting back to the 69xx drivers works ok.  There is a patch 
> to the nVidia supplied source code that will enable it to be 
> compiled on 2.6.11 kernels.
> LeeE
Thanks for your help, BUT

  Sorry we are not talking the same subject and the same target.

For my usage i need an operational video card with Open GL  V2.0 fully
operational, with the higher speed. Only the last driver gives that
performance (7664). 

About old drivers i did used it a long time ago without patch first (old
linux release) and with patch after (new linux release), with an "other
old NVidia Card". (just for the fun i benchmark my old video card and
the new one both with the same old driver, the benchmark gave slightly
the same performance)

You are talking to reduce the performance of my last video card by using
that old driver only to make FG running (sorry instead of degrading the
video card performance, if choose to reduce the functionalities of FG).
In the future, others will have to do that choice.


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