Hi all,

I finally did manage to get some sort of data transfer from a joystick
to flightgear through Matlab using Native-Ctrls.  I still got some
questions remaining.

1. I do see variations in the elevator and ailerons axes in the
cockpit of the Cessna, but I don't see these variations reflection in
the control surface positions.  I checked in the remote browser and
none of them get updated.

2.  I was wondering if the throttle axes varies from -1 to +1 or from
0 to 1.  Right now all the throttle knob does is fluctuate between the
two extreme points when I vary the axis on the joystick.

3.  I send 0s for all the other properties that I do not want to
control.  I realize now that it was a bad idea...  the aircraft sits
frozen (none of the usual JSBsim vibration either) on the runway.  I
guess I need  a way to make flightgear ignore variables I do not want
to control.  Is there a way to do that?

Thanks all!!

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