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I can succesfully compile fg.0.9.8 in release mod under msvc71 . Now I am trying to compile latest version of flightgear ....I . compiled latest version of simgear but in flightgear source i ve some errors ....first error was about config.h...compiler couldnt locate config.h and I dont understand which file it needs. I disable config.h and continue then I get gl.h errors. I didnt understand whats going on... i attach the log

config.h is normally generated by the configure script. With msvc, we don't use it, so we must provide one manually tweaked. For that, copy <FlightGear>/src/Include/config.h-msvc6.in to config.h in the same directory, edit it and replace @VERSION@ by the current version number and tweak the options yourself.

You can also look at ftp://ftp.ihg.uni-duisburg.de/FlightGear/Win32/MSVC/FG-ProjectFiles-msvc71.zip . There is the config.h I use.


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