eagle monart wrote :

> I can succesfully compile fg.0.9.8 in release mod under msvc71 . Now I am
> trying to compile latest version of flightgear ....I . compiled latest
> version of simgear but in flightgear source  i ve some errors ...

thanks for info Fred , I used FG-ProjectFiles-msvc71.zip now i ve some link errors. I uploaded to :


( I wanted to see 3d clouds before next release :) )

These project files are a bit outdated. You have to add the new files in the project. Just look at the name of the classes of the unresolved symbols and add the corresponding file in FlightGear or in SimGear.

For instance, JSBSim::FGGroundCallback::FGGroundCallback(void) is from the new JSBSim file named FGGroundCallback.cpp.


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