Le lundi 20 juin 2005 à 09:09 +1000, Mostyn Gale a écrit :
> Clifford,
> It can be done, however it is a rather long winded process.
> You need to get a program called pretty polly editor (PPE).  Open the *.mdl
> file in PPE and save it as a *.dxf file.  Close the program. Re-open it load
> the *.dxf file and save it as a *.ac file.
> Then you need to use a program called blender.  You have to go to the
> file-import-AC3D (.ac).  Then you can import the file.  The only information
> contained in this file is the point locations and which polygons use which
> points.  All data connecting polygons and their texture maps is lost.
> What then you need to do is manually seperate all of the parts and texture
> them.
> If you have any trouble feel free to email me.
> Cheers,
> Mostyn
 If you feel it you could continu and modify the doc i began.
May be i am wrong .
Do you thing that doc is good for garbage.


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