* Jim Campbell -- Monday 20 June 2005 11:07:
> To get away from keyboard I am cannabalising "cheap" USB gamepads to 
> make switch
> boxes. My first try is the Logic 3 JP260 which has 10 buttons I can 
> use. However MACOSX reports "unknown Vendor" although the JP260 reports 
> correctly a vendor id
> and product id. Anyone any idea whether the vendor list is "hard-coded" 
> in the driver or is there a "property" list somewhere.?

Both, I think. Some js only provide a number, and the driver translates
that to a string. Others provide the name already. In your case it's
probably the former, and the driver doesn't know the reported number.
Should be easy to add if the source code is free (as in speech).


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