* Jim Campbell -- Monday 20 June 2005 11:59:
> If the actual aircraft panel is a variable control should the
> representation be variable and up to the pilot to use in the
> recommended fashion. Anyone any opinions on this point (maybe
> I am just being too pendantic!!)?

Being pedantic is one of the prerequisites for being an fgfs
developer!  ;-)   I agree that analog properties in real-life
should be analog in fgfs, too.

However, here comes *my* pedantry: your suggestions will probably
not thrill the developers much if they aren't in "unified diff"
format. That was probably also the reason why nobody answered to
your last message. It wasn't obvious what exactly you wanted to
see changed in the js driver file, without having to search.
fgfs developers aren't only pedantic, but also lazy.  :-)

If you are using fgfs from CVS, just use this ~/.cvsrc:

  $ cat ~/.cvsrc
  cvs -z3 -q
  diff -up
  update -dP
  checkout -P
  rdiff -u

or manually call cvs with the -up option. If you aren't using cvs,
then make a copy of the original file and call the diff program:

  $ diff -up foo.cxx.orig foo.cxx


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