On Sunday 19 Jun 2005 15:22, Jon Berndt wrote:
> What does FlightGear do in the way of wind and turbulence? I
> assume that winds are set in FlightGear in NED coordinates and
> that those change slowly? Turbulence is modeled in the FDMs,
> but parameters are passed in? FlightGear does not model
> turbulence itself, does it?
> I am debugging the gear jittering in JSBSim and I am seeing
> windNED spike every so often and I have commented out
> turbulence code in JSBSim, so I am wondering if these wind
> spikes are coming from FlightGear.
> Jon

It's possible that you're seeing the same problem I have here 
where the wind (and visibility) gets set incorrectly on an 
apparently random basis.

I've reported it a few times now but no-one else seems to be 
experiencing, or perhaps noticing it.

In one or two of the more recent a/c I've done I've included a 
simple 2d instrument to show the wind speed and direction and 
this makes it clearly apparent when the wind (and visibility) 
setting are incorrect.

does anything happen if you open the weather settings dialogue 
and repeatedly apply the settings?  (you don't need to change 
any of the settings for the conditions to change)


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